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Onychomycosis or mycosis of the nails: what it is and how to treat it

If you have ever contracted a toenail fungus and as a result your nails are yellowed, do not fear it is a pathology that takes the name of mycosis and is treatable with the right treatments.

Unfortunately, onymicosis afflicts a large part of the population because it is very easy to take, especially when common spaces are used that are not properly disinfected.

This infection, in addition to damaging the aesthetics of the nail, compromises its health.

Below is a small guide to explain in detail what mycosis is and how it is treated. 

Onimycosis: what it is

You notice that you have mycosis when your toenails change color and thickness.

Onymycosis, known by all by its abbreviated term mycosis is an infectious pathology that affects the toenails, it is a contact fungus that is often and willingly taken using common environments such as showers that are not properly disinfected.

Another contributing cause is the use of closed socks and shoes that favor the production of fungi by virtue of the lack of perspiration of the feet.

In addition to attacking the health of the nail, which is weakened and tends to thicken, mycosis represents a real aesthetic problem as the diseased nail takes on a yellowish color.

Mycosis affects the toenails and, in particular, in most cases the largest toenail or the big toe, affecting the edges up to the root in severe cases.

Pay attention, therefore, because mycosis is contagious which is why it is possible that more nails can be mixed.

Onychomycosis: here are all the methods of treatment 

If you have mycosis, you should try to treat yourself immediately to prevent the infection from spreading too far and reaching the root of the nail or involving other fingers.

Mycosis should be treated with the use of local drugs that are applied directly to the nail that contain antifungals as a remedy.

These drugs come in gels, ointments, lotions, soaps and nail polishes.

In fact, enamels have been created that not only cure the nail but allow you to mask the yellowish with covering colors so that you can also wear an open shoe and not feel uncomfortable these treatments require a few weeks of application.

In fact, the treatments are not immediate but require perseverance and patience in order to eliminate the infection and give the nail that lost natural strength and color.

If your problem is not solved with local treatments, you may have to undergo a real surgical procedure.

The operation intervenes directly on the infected nail which is removed with a painless and local procedure.

The benefits are so many, in most cases it heals quickly and the nail grows back healthy and free of infections.

A pain relief operation under local anesthesia that you can perform as a day hospital without injury and in quick recovery times.