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Ram Pharmacy
Via Carbonai / Kohlstatt 23
St. Leonard i. P.

Your trusted Pharmacy with the products and services you are used to

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Bavarian Court Pharmacy
Via Portici 76

Specialized in food supplements of all the best known brands

ram lanziner pharmacy
All the services for you

How can we help?

We are characterized by constant professional training, specialization in natural medicine and homeopathy, the production of our laboratories, the selection of natural cosmetic products with a high quality standard with an excellent quality-price ratio, our network of national and international relationships for procurement of particular products and close collaboration with other professionals to respond seriously and comprehensively to your health and wellness needs.

why be a client of G. Lanziner's Ram Pharmacy

Why are we different?


Natural medicine and homeopathy with production in the proprietary laboratories.

Particular products

Sourcing of particular products thanks to our international network.


Collaboration with other professionals to give concrete help to customers.