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Services for your well-being


Blood analysis

The blood test is a test that you can carry out at our pharmacy and that will give you very useful information to check your state of health. This way you can ...
home delivery

Home delivery

Through the home delivery of drugs and aids, our Pharmacy proves to be as close as possible to its customers by offering a service of great interest especially for ...

Pressure measurement

The blood pressure measurement service is very important, especially for all those who suffer from hypertension and in the Pharmacy you will find trained and qualified personnel who will be able to follow and advise you. ...

Aerosol rental

The aerosol is generally used in the treatment of many respiratory diseases, for which the most effective way of administering drugs is the inhalation route: rhinitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, ...
breast-pump-and-insurance-costs-1200 × 800-2

Breast pump rental

The breast pump is a tool for expressing breast milk to feed the newborn. The reasons for pumping the milk are different and we will see them shortly. ...

Homeopathy, Phytotherapy, food supplements

At the pharmacy we will be available for advice on the correct use of natural products, medicinal plant extracts, food supplements and homeopathy, to improve the physiological balance of the organism and correct self-medication.
dna test

Genetic analysis DNA test

Risk of skin aging, Vitamin D and folate metabolism efficiency, Caffeine metabolism efficiency, Obesity predisposition, Lactose intolerance, Informative and / or legal paternity test

Home Care Services

Rental of oxygen cylinders and medical aids (wheelchairs, beds, crutches, etc.)
food intolerance

Food intolerance test

By food intolerance we mean the difficulty in digesting some foods, as it causes abnormal and unpleasant symptoms such as swelling and pain in the stomach, which can appear a few hours after a meal.