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Tips and remedies for sunburn

Sunburn, whether present on the skin of children or adults, can lead to various skin problems as well as immediate burning and redness. The most suitable solution, to which doctors and experts in the sector tend to recommend, is certainly the use of a protective cream before exposure to sunlight. Although prevention is the smartest solution, it is not always possible to use it, in the next few lines we will examine the most used natural and pharmacological remedies for sunburn.

Sunburn: definition

Before focusing on the tips and remedies for sunburn it is appropriate to define them. Sunburns are nothing more than lesions that occur on the surface of the skin and occur after intense exposure to a heat source, usually identified by the sun's ultraviolet rays (UV). These appear in the form of redness and induce severe itching in milder cases while the more serious symptoms manifest bubbles and superficial peeling. In the event of severe exposure to the whole body, symptoms of fever and general weakness may be encountered. 

Tips and remedies for sunburn

In order to have a simpler picture to consult, we will divide the remedies into two categories: natural remedies and pharmacological remedies. 

Natural remedies

Healing plants: as it is easy to deduce, it is possible to relieve the pain, itching and redness caused by solar erythema through the healing properties of specific plants. The most effective plants, with astringent and healing properties are: witch hazel, aloe vera and essential oils, the latter specifically exploiting the properties of mentha piperita and eucalyptus. 

Wraps: among the most used and easy to prepare natural solutions are compresses with cold chamomile infusions. Thanks to the soothing and healing properties it is possible to restore the initial state of the skin and give relief. It is advisable to carry out the massage with a cold pack by adding ice, so that the skin can immediately find comfort. 

Potatoes: Not everyone is aware that potatoes have anti-inflammatory and anti-itch properties.

Alternative remedies: in addition to the remedies already mentioned there are simpler natural solutions. The emulsion is among the most popular for its ease of preparation, thanks to a cup of low-fat milk, four cups of water and a little ice it is possible to soak a cloth handkerchief and apply the mixture on skin affected by sunburn.

Another remedy, certainly older, is to immerse yourself in a tub with fresh water in which a cup of white vinegar or a cup of baking soda is poured, I recommend not together. 

Pharmacological remedies

In the pharmacy you can find an infinite number of products that can relieve the hassles of a sunburn. 

Anti-inflammatories: the most used and reliable drugs are drugs with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory properties (NSAIDs) capable of restoring the initial state of the skin. The most famous are: naproxen and ibuprofen. Such products can also be purchased in small formats with a cream or spray composition. 

Antibiotics: if bubbles or vesicles occur, it may be necessary to intervene with antibiotic creams or even with topical anesthetics such as lidocaine or benzocaine. 


Sunburn can be soothed by applying natural or pharmacological remedies, but it is essential to use a sunscreen during sun exposure to avoid complications and not run into more serious problems. It is advisable to buy the products at the pharmacy to be sure of the quality of the ingredients.