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Heart, ailments and all the remedies to protect it

Safeguarding health is a priority, so that your body is always ready to fight new diseases it needs to be a perfect machine. As you can imagine, the better the health of your organs and the lower the chances of getting sick or feeling weak. Among the organs that contribute to the correct functioning of the body is certainly the heart, in the next few lines we will examine it more closely and try to understand the ailments and possible remedies. 

The Heart definition

Before analyzing the remedies it is essential to understand what the heart is, it is nothing more than a muscular organ that constitutes the motor center of the circulatory system and has the ability to convey blood in animal organisms. It is composed of the myocardium (tissue) and lined by the pericardium (membrane). 

Ailments and remedies to protect the heart

The heart can be subject to various pathologies, mainly linked to one or more parts of the cardiovascular system. In most cases, cardiovascular problems result in a heart attack generated by diseases related to heart valves, coronary arteries or heart failure. These complaints are accompanied by severe chest pains and difficulty moving. 

Another disorder, certainly underestimated, is tachycardia, that is when the heart accelerates its pulse. Particularly difficult to identify as it can be both atrial and ventricular. 

Arrhythmia, on the other hand, represents that disturbance linked to the electrical conduction of the heart, also very difficult to identify due to the infinite solutions of organic malfunction of the system. 

Not everyone knows that the most damaging factors for the heart are prolonged stress and anxiety, be it affective or emotional. These factors alert the nervous system and affect the heart's rhythm. It may seem paradoxical to you but research has shown that in the first three hours of waking up the chances of having a heart attack are + 40% due to the strong stress caused by the need to go to work. 

Remedies to protect the heart

Heart attack, tachycardia and arrhythmia are certainly the most frequent ailments that you may encounter, in addition to contacting a specialized doctor as soon as possible it is important to know the natural remedies to prevent such problems.

The most intelligent and scientifically proven solution passes through a healthy diet, among the most functional foods for the "cure" of the heart is the blueberry, ideal not only for avoiding cardiovascular dysfunction but also for diabetes. Thanks to the properties of the phytochemicals inside it can protect the heart and strengthen it. 

Fresh fruits and vegetables also contribute in a concrete way to the circulatory system, the absence of sodium and a sufficient amount of potassium are the fuel to keep the heart always healthy. 

Pharmacy and medicine

As it is easy to deduce, there are different drugs that condense formulas in which the natural properties of fruit and vegetables are present in large quantities. While it is recommended to purchase these products under a prescription and from licensed pharmacies, there are several alternative solutions to prevent heart disease. 

Among the products most used to calm tachycardia are herbal teas, if the alterations in the rhythm of the heart are mild it is possible to take a sedative herbal tea based on lemon balm and matricaria chamomile flowers, these ingredients have a strong anti-inflammatory capacity and fight anxiety and spasms . 


Heart-related disorders must be constantly monitored, so that important problems can be avoided, it is advisable to eat properly and lower the loads of stress and anxiety during the day.