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JUNE naturopath in the pharmacy

Individual meetings with Michela Lausch, professional naturopath.

Michela Lausch, Naturopath and Wellbeing Trainer
For over 36 years oriented towards Health and Wellbeing also as a lifestyle.

-Holistic consultancy relating to the psycho-physical-energetic rebalancing of the Person
-Energy nutrition and wholemeal/vegetarian/vegan cuisine
-Bach Flowers and Australian Flowers (Bush Flowers) also applied to the meridians according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (Krämer method)
-Relaxation and meditation techniques
-Chakras and crystals
-Natural remedies

June, exam period. We offer personalized Bach Flower combinations suitable for all types of exams, but, given the period, especially those at the end of the school year, of all levels, which will be held between June and July.
They are combinations of Bach Flowers that give results very quickly and help improve concentration and memory, avoiding errors, reducing states of anxiety and fear, helping to increase courage and self-confidence, facilitating communication. verbal during oral exams.

Wednesday 05/06/2024 – h. 15.00pm-18.00pm
Wednesday 12/06/2024 – h. 15.00pm-18.00pm
Wednesday 19/06/2024 – h. 15.00pm-18.00pm
Wednesday 26/06/2024 – h. 15.00pm-18.00pm

Personalized consultations lasting approx. 45 minutes.

In PROMOTION at a cost of €50, instead of €70

For reservations, contact the Corte Bavarese Pharmacy – Via Portici 76, Merano
0473 231155 -